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Bill Gates

Bill Gates believes in probiotics

December 2019


Probiotic pills could bring an end to malnutrition, says Bill Gates in this inspiring article in The Telegraph. Read how the Microsoft founder believes that research into the human microbiome holds the key to solving this serious global health threat.

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The Noma guide to fermentation

The Noma Guide to Fermentation

November 2019

Are you a foodie raving about the wonders of fermentation? Or a classic culinary who loves keeping the traditions of our ancestors alive? Noma – four times named the world’s best restaurant – is sharing their never-revealed-before recipes and techniques in this bestseller.

Cooked by Netflix

Cooked – a Netflix documentary

October 2019


We LOVE the Netflix documentary Cooked! Especially episode 4 ‘Earth’ where acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan explores the miraculous world of fermentation – the secret behind all our favorite foods.

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ARTIS MICROBIA – Museum of microbes

MICROPIA – Museum of microbes

September 2019


If ever visiting Amsterdam, make sure to make time for a visit to ARTIS MICROPIA – Museum of microbes! This museum is a true paradise for good bacteria enthusiasts.

TED Talk Giulia Enders

TED Talk on charming gut science

August 2019


Watch this TED talk where best-selling author Giulia Enders talks about the surprisingly charming science of our gut, and how the bacterial balance influences our health and mental wellbeing.

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