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Recommendation of the month

Camilla Lercke Tedx talk about good bacteria in Chr. Hansen

TEDx talk: Unleashing the Power of Good Bacteria

November 2021

In this TEDx Talk, our head of Sustainability & ESG, Camilla Lercke Odgaard, shares how good bacteria can help address climate change through reducing food waste, playing an indispensable role in a plant based food revolution and helping plants and crops stay healthy without chemical pesticides.

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Cheese, Wine, and Bread: Discovering the Magic of Fermentation in England, Italy, and France

Discovering the Magic of Fermentation in England, Italy, and France

July 2021

Join author Katie Quinn as she explores how delicious staples of a great meal – bread, cheese and wine – develop their complex flavors through fermentation. In this book, Katie offers an inside look into the art and science of fermentation – all while taking you on a gastronomic tour of England, Italy and France.

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Edge of sight

Podcast: Go with your gut

June 2021

This 23-minute Economist podcast explores how the trillions of microorganisms in our microbiome could be linked to Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and other diseases. Host Kenneth Cukier also explains how understanding soil microbiomes could help combat climate change.

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Mastering the microbiome podcast

Podcast: A master class in gut health

April 2021

Did you know that our emotional state, propensity for disease, the nature of our cravings and even some of our decision making can be traced back to our gut ecology? Learn more about our microbiome’s profound impact on human health in this Mastering The Microbiome podcast.

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TED Talks Daily logo

A photographic exploration of the microbial world 

December 2020

Let microbe experts Chimileski and Kolter take you on a stunning visual exploration of the inhabitants of an invisible microbial world. Through stories and world-class photography, Life at the Edge of Sight celebrates the wonders of the microscopic organisms that shape our world. 

David Zilber

Podcast: David Zilber on fermentation as a commitment to your future 

November 2020

Listen to this episode of “At a Distance” to hear David Zilber, former head of fermentation at Noma and now partner to Chr. Hansen, share his passion for fermentation. Discussing the symbiosis between mankind and microbes, Zilber shares how science can re-invent how we think about food.

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Kiss the ground Netflix

Kiss the Ground – a Netflix documentary

October 2020

In this documentary, Woody Harrelson makes the case that our soil – and the millions of microbes that call it home – can help solve our most pressing environmental issues. Discover the ways in which the earth's soil may be the key to combating climate change and preserving the planet.

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Banegaarden – the green Narnia of Copenhagen 

September 2020

When in Copenhagen, you can’t miss Banegaarden – a hub for sensory, organic and sustainable food experiences. Taste the latest edible plants, learn about the wonders of fermentation or try fermenting your own cabbage. Banegaarden is a haven for all food and fermentation enthusiasts.


TED Talk on live culture fermentation - Kathryn Lukas

TED Talk on live culture fermentation 

August 2020

Fermenting with live cultures is an ancient tradition and, according to microbe evangelist Kathryn Lukas, also the future for our collective gut health and well-being. Hear why Lukas believes we should rekindle the symbiotic relationship with the millions of good bacteria around us.

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Man interacting with a petri dish

Good gut bacteria may help reduce the risk of heart disease 

July 2020

Scientists have discovered a previously unrecognized benefit of one of the good bacteria in the human gut: the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease. Read this news story and the scientific article behind to learn how good bacteria help keep your heart healthy.

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TED-Ed lesson antibiotic resistance

TED-Ed lesson on antibiotic resistance 

June 2020

Why do we have a worldwide antibiotic resistance crisis? Watch this 6-minute TED-Ed video to learn how the crisis came to be and how we might be able to combat antibiotic resistance going forward.

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Petri dish

Friendly bacteria collaborate to survive 

May 2020

Microbial research at the University of Copenhagen has found that ‘survival of the friendliest’ outweighs ‘survival of the fittest’ in groups of bacteria. Learn how bacteria collaborate to survive and how the discovery can be used to develop e.g. green technologies.

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Fermented film

FERMENTED – a fermentation documentary 

April 2020

Get inspired by author and chef Edward Lee’s exploration of the ancient process of fermentation and how it is used in modern cooking. Throughout the feature documentary, Lee demonstrates how we can use fermentation to cultivate a relationship with the millions of good bacteria around us.

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Behind the rind podcast

Behind the Rind podcast: The microbial zoo of cheese 

March 2020

In this 20-minute podcast, host Claire Enemark explores the role of three key microbes in cheese production. Listen in to learn how yeast, good bacteria and mold interact and create flavor in your favorite cheeses. It is un-brie-lievable.

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Magtfulde mikrober

Magtfulde mikrober: A study on good bacteria

February 2020

Are you curious about how the microbes in your body affect your health? Or do you want tips on how they can enhance your immune system, digestion and mental wellbeing? Look no further than to this work of world-renowned good bacteria researcher Oluf Borbye Pedersen and Kristian Sjøgren. An insightful read on the power and potential of good bacteria (for Danish readers only).

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TED podcast: How gut microbes affect your lifelong health 

January 2020

In this 11-minute podcast, microbiome researcher Henna-Maria Uusitupa explains how the gut microbes you're born with affect your lifelong health. And how missing microbes can be acquired later on in life to restore the microbiota – reducing negative health consequences.

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Bill Gates

Bill Gates believes in probiotics

December 2019

Probiotic pills could bring an end to malnutrition, says Bill Gates in this inspiring article in The Telegraph. Read how the Microsoft founder believes that research into the human microbiome holds the key to solving this serious global health threat.

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The Noma guide to fermentation

The Noma Guide to Fermentation

November 2019

Are you a foodie raving about the wonders of fermentation? Or a classic culinary who loves keeping the traditions of our ancestors alive? Noma – four times named the world’s best restaurant – is sharing their never-revealed-before recipes and techniques in this bestseller.

Cooked by Netflix

Cooked – a Netflix documentary

October 2019

We LOVE the Netflix documentary Cooked! Especially episode 4 ‘Earth’ where acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan explores the miraculous world of fermentation – the secret behind all our favorite foods.

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ARTIS MICROBIA – Museum of microbes

MICROPIA – Museum of microbes

September 2019

If ever visiting Amsterdam, make sure to make time for a visit to ARTIS MICROPIA – Museum of microbes! This museum is a true paradise for good bacteria enthusiasts.

TED Talk Giulia Enders

TED Talk on charming gut science

August 2019

Watch this TED talk where best-selling author Giulia Enders talks about the surprisingly charming science of our gut, and how the bacterial balance influences our health and mental wellbeing.

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