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Skyr for life

A unique silky and rich texture with exceptionally high protein level

The methods of SKYR making in Iceland by MS Iceland Dairies have evolved over time


  • the milk was inoculated with a starter culture from the last batch and rennet was used. The skyr was separated from the whey in cloth bags.

In the 1960s

  • they started to use centrifuges to separate the SKYR from whey. This was a mainstream product in Iceland until late 1990s.

In the late 1990s 

  • the SKYR category was revived when the industry started using UF technology and introduced SKYR in a single serve format*

SKYR has a smooth, rich and silky texture even with a standard level of 11% protein and 0.2% fat

SKYR is a fermented and concentrated milk product from Iceland. It is eaten as a meal and/or used for cooking. 

SKYR is the national food of Iceland, a heritage from the Vikings.

  • SKYR has been natural part of Icelandic diet since Viking times. It is mentioned in the old Icelandic Sagas, e.g. Egils and Grettis saga.  The Icelandic origin is therefore more than 1000 years old. 

  • Traditionally, SKYR was made on every farm along with whey which was used as a preservative for a variety meat

  • Today, SKYR fits very well to modern health-conscious consumers, who are looking for high-protein, low-carb and satieting food with an excellent flavor and texture

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