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An ancient Russian product with the potential to spread to new markets

Kefir is a creamy, fermented, dairy product that has been consumed in Russia and many Eastern European countries for centuries. Recently, modernized versions of kefir have become increasingly popular, especially in North America, Europe, UK and Australia due to its refreshing taste and probiotic content.  Probiotics have been defined by the FAO to be live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.  It started out as a small niche, but may now be found in many big retail chains. And the kefir story doesn't stop there. We are beginning to see a growing interest for Kefir in many new countries; all the way from Scandinavia to Southeast Asia. 

Fresh and delicious flavor profile

Traditionally, kefir is consumed plain and consumed throughout the day with meals and has a slightly acidic and effervesce taste, due to a combination of cultures and yeast. Modern versions have a more fresh, mild, clean and slightly sparkly flavor profile, which makes it a refreshing alternative to drinking yogurt. It is delicious in plain versions and is also well-suited as a base for berries and citrus fruit flavors.

Pure, simple and healthy

Based on a combination of storytelling and science, kefir is inherently linked with a series of health benefits. We support this by suggesting pure, simple recipes with Bifidobacterium, BB-12® - the world’s best documented Bifidobacterium. We offer three concepts to meet the needs of different consumer groups and production requirements.

  • Classic: convenient, high-quality “one pouch” to provide consistency and shelf-life benefits to small and medium-size producers of kefir in well-established kefir markets.
  • Modern: concept built to support those who want to make modernized versions of kefir adapted to segments not consuming kefir today. Our products use yeast to remain authentic and probiotics.
  • Mild: concept catering those who desire to make kefir without yeasty flavor notes and without having to deal with yeast in the production facilities. Our products also include probiotics.