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Waste less, live more

Use the next generation of FRESHQ® food cultures and fermentation with bioprotective effects to meet the demands of the next generation of consumers

As younger generations begin to exert a greater influence over the global economy, they will continue to ramp up demand for more responsible, sustainable choices across the gamut of what they consume.

As producers innovate to find ways to meet the moment by creating food that stay fresher for longer, greening their supply chains and stemming food waste between the factory and the kitchen table, Chr. Hansen’s newest generation of FRESHQ® cultures can help them to meet these objectives.


Bioprotection: taking inspiration from nature to build a more sustainable food future

Chr. Hansen has been a pioneer in advancing the science of bioprotection, where the best food cultures are used in fermentation to help keep food fresher, outcompeting contaminants (like yeast and mold) for space and nutrients. The result? Food with FRESHQ® cultures included in fermentation remains delicious and fresh for longer, giving consumers a wider window during which to enjoy it.

FRESHQ® is our world-class line of food cultures that help optimize the  bioprotective properties of fermentation, improving the consumer experience and supporting sustainable consumption by minimizing food waste. They can be applied to a broad range of fermented dairy- and plant-based products.

With FRESHQ®, producers can achieve the following:

High performance no matter the circumstances

Next-generation FRESHQ® cultures have been selected for superior performance across the full spectrum of challenging production and distribution circumstances. The range is a game changer for dairy products where negative impacts on acidity and flavor have been a limitation for achieving the benefits of fermentation-based bioprotection.


This newest generation of FRESHQ® enables the industry to level up by offering dairy producers the following benefits: 


  • Less post-acidification at accelerated temperatures, during distribution, or in circumstances involving long holding times or slow cooling

  • Improved sensory fit compared to other cultures with bioprotective properties

  • The same best-in-class performance producers have come to expect from the FRESHQ® range, now expanded for a more diverse array of production, storage and cold chain scenarios.

Interested in learning more about what FRESHQ® can make possible for your business? We would love to hear from you.


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