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High protein

Let Chr. Hansen help you develop the best, high-protein, fermented milks product

Consumers around the world are attempting to take charge over their health. Nearly half (49%) of global respondents in Nielsen’s Global Health & Wellness Survey consider themselves overweight, and a similar percentage (50%) is actively trying to lose weight. And they’re doing so by making more healthful food choices - with help from food and beverage companies. Manufacturers are reformulating products to eliminate or reduce the sugar, cholesterol, sodium, and trans and saturated fat content of food. They’re moving away from artificial ingredients and introducing products high in desirable attributes like fiber and protein. 

High-protein foods have become very popular and back-to-basics foods that taste good, are easy to prepare and provide healthful benefits have staying power. Therefore, dairy - and in particular yogurt - has struck a cord with consumers worldwide. 

At Chr. Hansen, we have extensive expertise with developing fermented, fortified yogurts that avoid powdery flavor or chalkiness; and strained yogurts that maintain a low post-acidification in the production process, ensuring the required mild taste.

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Source: We are what we eat, Nielsen 2015

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