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Flavor versatility and controlled crystal formation

We use Grana as an umbrella name to describe a variety of high-end delicacy cheeses, in which the famous Italian ancestor Parmigiano Reggiano is indisputably “best-in-class.” Grana cheeses are synonymous with craftsmanship as well as fine dining and have an international appeal to many quality-conscious consumers. In addition to traditional chunks of cheese, different forms of grated Grana cheese are sold either as a convenient stand-alone product or as an essential part of numerous ready-meals.

Grana cheese manufacturers seek to honor tradition and craftsmanship, while at the same time ensuring efficiency and consistency in production and final-product quality. The key to a successful Grana brand lies in its sensory uniqueness, which must remain constant and clearly recognizable with every repeat purchase. You might also want to prioritize reaching the targeted sensory quality faster without compromising quality.

Chr. Hansen’s range of dedicated DVS® Starter Cultures for Grana cheeses represents great flavor versatility and may be used for direct milk inoculation as well as supplementation of traditional whey starters. Further product differentiation, for example as a result of controlled crystal formation, can be achieved by applying the starter culture in combination with well-selected Ripening Cultures, Coagulant and Other dairy enzymes.