Chr. Hansen secures EU approval for the final HMO in its 5 HMO Mix

Chr. Hansen secures EU approval for the final HMO in its 5 HMO Mix
Press Release | Jun 12. 2023 06:14 GMT

The 6’-SL HMO from Chr. Hansen is approved for highest use levels in infant formula and follow-on formula in EU

As of June 4, 2023, Chr. Hansen’s HMO 6’-Sialyllactose sodium salt (6’-SL), marketed under the new trademark MyOli™ 6’-SL HMO, is authorized for the EU market and under proprietary protection for five years. This EU authorization includes the highest use level for 6’-SL in infant formula and follow-on-formula (0.70 g/L) in the EU.

Benefits attributed to 6′-SL HMO are, among others, reducing the risk of adhesion of harmful bacteria and their proteins and support to the brain development in infants, by supplying sialic acid, an essential building block for neurons.

Chr. Hansen now has EU authorization for all five HMOs in its MyOli™ 5 HMO Mix
The Chr. Hansen 5 HMO mix contains 2’-FL, 3-FL, LNT, 3’-SL and 6’-SL and is approved for infant formula and follow-on- formula. All these five HMOs are approved at the highest use levels in the industry.

“The fact that Chr. Hansen MyOli™ 5 HMO Mix is now approved for use in the EU at the highest use levels is an important milestone. It means that Chr. Hansen can now supply a blend of five HMOs bringing infant nutrition solutions closer to breast milk, to the benefit of infants who cannot be breastfed for various reasons. The European approval is also an important step towards using HMOs at natural concentration levels in infant formula and follow-on formula,” says Jesper Sig Mathiasen, senior vice president, Chr. Hansen HMO.

HMOs are the third most abundant solid component of breast milk and are known in many different variations. The benefits stem from the structural diversity of HMOs.

Chr. Hansen is a global, differentiated bioscience company that develops natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. At Chr. Hansen we are uniquely positioned to drive positive change through microbial solutions. We have worked for almost 150 years to enable sustainable agriculture, better food and healthier living for more people around the world. Our microbial and fermentation technology platforms, including our broad and relevant collection of around 50,000 microbial strains, have game-changing potential. Matching customer needs and global trends we continue to unlock the power of good bacteria to respond to global challenges such as food waste, global health and the overuse of antibiotics and pesticides. As one of the world’s most sustainable companies, we touch the lives of more than 1 billion people every day. Driven by our legacy of innovation and curiosity to pioneer science, our purpose – To grow a better world. Naturally. – is at the heart of everything we do.

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