Remarkable solutions for a sustainable transformation attracted great interest at EuroTier 2022

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Jan 04. 2023 08:51 GTM

The agricultural industry is driven by remarkable people. People that love what they do and care for their livestock and the planet. We see them and the incredible work they do every single day to put quality food on our tables. Their commitment is what inspires us to develop our world-leading microbial solutions. 

We harness the remarkable power of nature to help them deliver remarkable results by supporting normal function of the gastrointestinal tracts of animals, preserving silage and contributing to the sustainable production of meat, milk and eggs. And by creating natural protection that enables crops – and our customers – to grow. In short, we rely on our science-based, research-proven approach to developing remarkable solutions from farm to fork. 

At the latest EuroTier 2022 in November, it was our pleasure to have inspirational discussions about this with an engaged audience.

“We were absolutely excited to be physically present at the leading international trade fair for professional animal farming and livestock management for the first time in several years,” says Lidiia Alaverdova, Head of Global Marketing, Chr. Hansen Animal Health & Nutrition. 

“As a global microbial specialist, Chr. Hansen is uniquely positioned as an enabler to make our customers more sustainable as the inevitable transition to a greener future is taking place. Our microbial solutions can be part of the answer in the value chain from farm to fork, and we had some great conversations about addressing future challenges in agriculture as a whole. We look very much forward to following up on those over the coming weeks and months,” she concludes.

REMARKABLE by nature

EuroTier 2022 also marked the scene of launching our new campaign REMARKABLE by nature, highlighting our microbial solutions with game-changing potential, the remarkable industry players and how together we can achieve remarkable results. Visit our remarkable landing page or stay tuned for more news by following us on LinkedIn, #remarkable.

Other great activities at the event included:

  • Enlightening interactive table demonstrating how good bacteria contribute to a sustainable food system from farm to fork 
  • ReMarkable 2 notepad prize draw among engaged customers
  • Wine & Cheese events with the opportunity to taste our good bacteria 
  • “Remarkable solutions for Sustainability” lecture by Annemarie Meisling, Senior Director, Head of Corporate Affairs/Sustainability & ESG. 
  • A variety of sponsored educational seminars in partnership with Pig Progress, Dairy World and Poultry World with our own experts as speakers: Dr. Lea Hubertz Birch Hansen, Dr. Christophe Bostvironnois and Ainhoa Perojo Gutierrez, Head of Beef & Dairy, Animal Health & Nutrition, Chr. Hansen. These were also live-streamed with a super high participation rate and are available on-demand here.
  • Healthy giveaways to support the digestive and immune health of the farming industry. Almost 2000 probiotic samples were distributed to help our customers experience the power of good bacteria. 

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