100 scientific publications

Chr. Hansen Animal Health reaches key milestone with 100 scientific publications

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Jun 17. 2019 12:25 GTM

From the first scientific publication in 1996 – to date, Chr. Hansen Animal Health has played a key role in the probiotics for the livestock industry.

“Everything we do is founded in science. Our innovation is the backbone to our business, and we invest deeply in the right relationships, employees and processes to ensure that we continue to unfold and understand the power of good bacteria for the benefit of all,” says Bea Nielsen, director, Animal Health Innovation.

Science-based, research-proven

Chr. Hansen Animal Health’s focus on the probiotics category, and strong collaboration with universities and industry peers, have helped to drive research and discovery, leading to a dominance in the industry with 100 scientific publications.

“Publishing so many scientific articles is evidence to our scientific approach and helps to show us as one of the heavy players in animal probiotics. These publications can have an impact on regulatory approvals, as well as providing extra evidence and information for customers. Our customers and the industry see our scientific approach and in-depth microbial knowledge as our key strengths. The way we couple this with the field expertise of our veterinarians and nutritionists is what makes us stand out from the crowd and gives us a common language with the industry. The application of our research demonstrates how essential our microbial solutions are in supporting animal protein and food industries,” explains Mickael Rouault, senior director, Commercial Development Animal Health.

Innovation that sets us apart

The publications include all categories in Chr. Hansen’s Animal Health business – Swine, Poultry, Dairy, Beef and Silage, with Chr. Hansen’s longest-running Animal Health product – BIOPLUS® – featured in 40 out of the 100 publications.

“The publications include work from lab and/or commercial trials and are the results of different studies on our products and strains in vitro or in vivo, conducted by Chr. Hansen’s employees, or in collaboration with universities or Contract Research Organizations,” explains Nielsen.

Chr. Hansen Animal Health has six peer-review papers in the pipeline for the coming financial year FY19/20 and they will continue to drive the industry forward through a science-based, research-proven approach. 


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