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Immune system support

We provide probiotics for immune system support – the second-biggest product area in the world within probiotics

70% of the body’s immune cells are located around the gut where they may interact with the microbiota. Therefore it is important to have a balanced microbiota to support the immune system.

Common immune discomforts

A well-functioning immune system ensures an appropriate response to harmless substances like the food you eat and harmful substances such as viruses, etc. In that way, the immune system protects the body from unfriendly intruders. However, our immune system may be challenged, causing various discomforts.

We offer:

We offer probiotics that may help maintain or support the immune system to avoid immune discomforts such as:

  • Stuffy and runny nose and coughing – can disrupt our normal, daily lives and potentially impact our productivity at work
  • Sensitivity to seasonal environmental changes – 10-30% of adults1 and 40% of children1 experience discomforts such as itchy eyes, throat and nose, sneezing and sore throat and eyes because of pollen. The quality of life is often affected. 
  • Irritated skin – 10-20% of children2 and 2-10% of adults2 experience irritated and itchy skin, which may affect or interfere with the quality of life. Probiotics may stimulate the immune response.

Nothing on this page is meant to be perceived as an approved claim.

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1 WHO, World Allergy Organization, White Book on Allergy, 2011
2 National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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