Rapid Test incubator

Microbiological test incubator

The Microbiological test incubator is essential in proper testing, ensuring heat stability and reproducibility in the test process.

Incubation of the milk is a significant part of ensuring a reliable test result. Chr. Hansen’s incubator for rapid tests works with all our rapid tests, and is easy to use as part of your day-to-day milk testing.

The Microbiological Test Incubators are available for all the microbiological tests in our assortment and can be programmed for various temperature and time steps.

There are three variants of the Microbiological Test Incubators:

  • Test Tube Incubator for single tests in the CMT and BRT ranges
  • Test Strip Incubator for BRT tests in strip format
  • Test Plate Incubator for 96-well plate formats in the CMT and BRT ranges

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