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Bacterial inoculant for improved fermentation and aerobic stability of silage making – the solution to your silage challenges

SILOSOLVE® FC has consistently yielded silage preferred by dairy cows. SILOSOLVE® FC promotes rapid, controlled fermentation and ensures that dry matter and nutrients from the field are preserved and available for your cows.


SILOSOLVE® FC improves aerobic stability while improving dry matter recovery

SILOSOLVE® FC is a unique, dual-action inoculant that improves aerobic stability and at the same time improves dry matter recovery. Its effect can be seen over a broad range of forages and dry matter levels. This was shown in a 30 days university trial, where SILOSOLVE® FC increased aerobic stability, and the dry matter recovery across crops was significantly improved compared to untreated silages.


Figure 1: SILOSOLVE® FC improves aerobic stability 218 hours (nine days) in seven trials


* p<0.05 significantly different from untreated. Aerobic stability test stopped after 10 or 30 days. 


Figure 2: SILOSOLVE® FC improves DM recovery


* p<0.05 significantly different from untreated.



SILOSOLVE® FC allows you for early feed out 

When purchasing a silage inoculant, L. buchneri is a common ingredient. However, literature review indicates that normally it produces acetic acid after 56 days of ensiling. That is not the case for SILOSOLVE® FC, as acetic acid production has been observed on day 2 of ensiling maize silage and as a result improved aerobic stability even after a short fermentation time. In alfalfa silage aerobic stability was improved by 13 days. This proves that not all strains are the same, and that strain selection is key to success. 


Figure 3: SILOSOLVE® FC improves aerobic stability at early feed out in maize  



* p<0.05 significantly different from untreated. Aerobic stability test stopped after 7 days.



Figure 4: SILOSOLVE® FC improves aerobic stability 125% at early feed out in alfalfa silage


* p<0.05 significantly different from untreated. Aerobic stability test stopped after 30 days.

Specific trial data available upon request. 



Strain matters

Chr. Hansen has diligently selected and combined the strains in SILOSOLVE® FC. Click on the video below and learn about the amazing difference SILOSOLVE® FC makes in mold and yeast count.


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What’s inside SILOSOLVE® FC?

SILOSOLVE® FC contains our proprietary strain of Lactobacillus buchneri LB1819, plus our unique strain of Lactococcus lactis O224. This novel combination facilitates rapid establishment of anaerobic conditions and improves fermentation. As a result, your silages will have a limited yeast and mold growth, resulting in improved aerobic stability at feed out – even as early as seven days of fermentation.

Targeted crops for SILOSOLVE® FC include whole crop maize, small grain, grasses and alfalfa/grass mixtures. SILOSOLVE® FC is particularly effective when there is a risk for fungal growth and across a broad range of moistures.


Can SILOSOLVE® FC be used in organic farming?

In order to meet organic requirements, SILOSOLVE® FC EKO was designed to provide all the positive effects mentioned for SILOSOLVE® FC without you making any compromise. 



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