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Including fromage frais, petit suisse, fromage blanc

High-protein dairy products are perfectly positioned to provide tasty solutions for the health conscious consumers. 

This segment cover product types such as quark, fromage frais, petit suisse and fromage blanc. The EXACT® cultures recommended for these product types are characterized by flavor, texture and acidification speed.
The choice of culture will to a large extend depend on the final product type, the process and the preferred sensory properties.

Our cultures are suitable for Quark production. The EXACT® Quark Plus cultures optimize the separated quark process and increase yield by 1-3% due to low proteolytic activity resulting in less protein loss in the whey. The cultures also help in producing quark with high texture and mild-mesophilic taste without gas formation. 

To optimize your fresh cheese and quark production, you will need the right tools, competences and cultures. Our expert technical insight and culture solution can help you obtain a high-throughput and consistent production by faster fermentation, higher phage robustness, better culture rotation, higher yields and protein recovery in your product.