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Create premium products & concepts

Culture and enzymes solutions for new product development

For more than 130 years, Chr. Hansen has worked to help dairies throughout the world produce high-quality fermented milk and cheese products, and today Chr. Hansen has grown into the leading supplier of dairy cultures and enzymes. When developing concepts, we strive to evaluate all aspects around the product, such as consumer insights, customer plant setup, the best cultures for the best product, brand positioning and market expertise and regulatory environment. We also provide first-class product documentation supporting the safe use of our solutions.

Chr. Hansen has the widest range of cultures and enzymes solutions making it possible to bridge the gap between traditional methods and industrial-scale production. Fermented milks, yogurt and cheese are complex matrices requiring cross-functional solutions to solve primary challenges. These include yield improvement, shelf-life extension and flavor requirements, to name a few. Furthermore, these parameters are often interactive, making it difficult to address one without having an impact on the others. 

Learn more about the specific Chr. Hansen concept platforms, based on cultures and enzymes, specifically designed to meet customer’s needs and market trends.