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Chr. Hansen’s website ranked no. 1

Chr. Hansen’s website has been ranked no. 1 in Europe’s leading survey of corporate websites – Webranking by Comprend. Besides topping the Danish list, Chr. Hansen’s website finishes third place out of all 80 ranked companies in our sector.

November 14, 2019

Danish website of the year

Every year Webranking by Comprend ranks the 25 largest listed companies in Denmark to see how well they meet the expectations of the investors, analysts, business journalists and job-seekers. The 25 ranked Danish websites represent 10 sectors, with a majority of the companies in the Banking and Health Care sectors. 

This year Chr. Hansen tops the Danish list with 65.5 points out of 100, climbing from third place last year to the highest place on the podium. Novo Nordisk takes second place and last year’s winner Ørsted comes in third. For the second year in a row, Chr. Hansen's Investor Relations section also takes first place on the Danish rankings. 

“We are so excited to receive this recognition. Over the past five years we have strived to meet the expectations of our stakeholders and provide them with transparent digital communication. This award shows that our efforts paid off and motivates us to keep improving our website,” says director of Corporate Communications, Sanne Seyer-Hansen.  

Third best website in our sector

Besides topping the Danish list, Chr. Hansen’s website comes in third in our sector out of all 80 ranked companies in the health care sector. On the Europe 500 list, we rank no. 35. 

Improving our overall score by 4.8 points compared to last year, Chr. Hansen’s website goes against the trend of the overall scores of Danish websites, which have decreased in this year's Webranking, according to Comprend. This is in line with the European trend, Comprend states, as companies are struggling to keep pace with the increasing needs of their audiences.

According to the survey, the challenge for many companies is how to keep information available throughout the year. Information on innovations, for example, might be mentioned in press releases only, which will quickly disappear in the archives.

“Interestingly our R&D section of our website is exactly what we have put a lot of effort into improving in recent years. We have been pioneering science since 1874 and our website needs to reflect that. So we are very happy to receive a full score and meet the needs of our stakeholders,” adds Seyer-Hansen. 

About Webranking by Comprend

Established in 1997, Webranking is Europe’s leading survey of corporate websites and the only global ranking that is based on stakeholder expectations. Comprend ranks around 900 websites each year and measure how well they meet the expectations of their key stakeholders. Learn more at


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