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MilkSafe™ FAST

Fast, accurate, simple and traceable testing of antibiotics residues in raw milk


Improve food safety with Chr. Hansen’s MilkSafe FAST, a new system that offers superior quality control and documentation during the antibiotics testing process in dairy. Explore our complete range of antibiotic test kits to select the test which suits your needs to minimize the exposure of your antibiotic residues to your dairy process and enhance quality control. 


MilkSafe FAST is a complete solution that offers dairy producers use of the following components:


  • A range of rapid antibiotic test kits
  • Several incubators for simple test protocol
  • Portable readers for quick and easy interpretation of results
  • An innovative web service that enable superior data management, analytics and notification functionalities.


The complete MilkSafe FAST range

MilkSafe FAST: the optimal solution for single-step testing

A one-step cassette test for fast, accurate, simple and traceable screening of antibiotic residues


A one-step cassette for superior handling, faster results and complete traceability. Each cassette has a unique QR-code to identify each set of test results and reduce the risk of confusing data records. Furthermore, the QR-code enables real-time batch monitoring.

Which MilkSafe FAST test best fits your needs?

Name of test Antibiotics groups  Specifications

MilkSafe FAST 2BC

Beta-lactams incl. cefalexin

One step 3 min

MilkSafe FAST 3BTC

Beta-lactams incl. cefalexin and tetracyclines

One step 3 min

MilkSafe FAST 3BTS

Beta-lactams, tetracyclines and sulphonamides

One step 4 min

MilkSafe FAST customized

Work with us to design a customized test to fit your unique needs

MilkSafe FAST-compatible equipment

MilkSafe 2-port incubator

Incubate two cassette-tests at a time in the 2-port incubator. Ideal for testing on the milk truck or at the farm.

MilkSafe 6-port incubator

Incubate up to six cassette-tests at a time in the 6-port incubator. Ideal for the busy dairy with many incoming milk trucks.

Portable reader

Interpret the test result on-the-go with the portable reader. Can be used in combination with the MilkSafe™ app.

Desktop reader

Incubate and read the cassette tests in the lab. The desktop reader has a direct integration to the Web Service so data is automatically stored.

MilkSafe™ Web Service

Take your antibiotic residue testing to the next level with our MilkSafe Web Service solution

Testing is more than just getting positive or negative results.

With the MilkSafe Portable Reader, App and Cloud solutions, we enhance traceability, enable proactive responses to individual test results, and support quality assurance standards by contributing to rich data documentation.

Check the test results quickly on the mobile app.


Store data in the cloud and have easy access to recorded data. Benefit from real-time data capturing, analytics and notifications. 

Our MilkSafe Web Service enables you to boost your quality assurance setup and operational efficiency

Enjoy a seamless integration with any LIMS or ERP system through an open-API that reduces integration costs 


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