Flock of turkeys

GALLIPRO® MS for turkeys

GALLIPRO® MS is the combination of the two most documented poultry probiotics for broad spectrum enteritis prevention with flexible use that brings profitability. 

GALLIPRO® MS contains two selected bacterial strains: 

Bacillus subtillis

  • Improves protein and energy availability
  • Coats the epithelium.

Bacillus licheniformis 

  • Inhibits Clostridium ssp. (C. novyi, C. perfringens type A +C, C. septicum).

These strains were selected specifically for their abilities to inhibit Clostridium spp., to germinate and multiply fast in the gut and their ability to produce useful digestive enzymes.


Strains matter
Why it is important to select the “right” Bacillus?


There are more than 1,000 strains of Bacillus subtilis bacteria recorded in international strain banks. Selecting and differentiating strains matters greatly for the health and food industries as different strains have unique properties. There is huge difference between strains in e.g., enzyme production, inhibition of pathogenic bacteria, germination, etc. 

GALLIPRO® MS value drivers


Application: GALLIPRO® MS
should be added at 400-800g to 1 tonne of feed providing 1.28 x 10- 2.56 x 106 CFU/g of feed, and should be administrated from day 1 till the end of production cycle. GALLIPRO® MS Drink should be delivered at the dosage of 200g/1000l of water, every day, from day 1-30 of life.


  • Can be used in premix, mash and/or pelleted feed
  • Stable through the pelleting process
  • Compatible with coccidiostats.

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