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Premium Cheddar cheese on a budget

Market challenge

Today’s modern consumers crave superior taste experiences and are keen to explore new, convenient Cheddar formats and combinations off the retail dairy shelf or in quick-service restaurants. Consumers are, however, not necessarily willing to pay a premium price for their favorite cut of premium cheese. Cheddar manufacturers therefore seek to meet these consumer trends, while at the same time optimizing the profitability of the cheese making process..

Chr. Hansen’s solution

By adopting ‘best-in-class’ culture design the new EASY-SET™ A3000 starter program enables cheese manufacturers to produce Cheddar with a clean, balanced and complex flavor profile similar to that of traditional bulk starter cultures. In addition, the program increases the cost-efficiency of Cheddar production primarily due its extreme phage robustness and high final product consistency.

EASY-SET™ A3000 was developed to accommodate the needs of large North American Cheddar plants and has been successfully validated in a wide range of American style cheeses. 

Why EASY-SET™ A3000?

A convenient, all-in-one Cheddar starter culture program providing two main benefits:

  • Premium taste and texture

  • Optimized profitability for cheese production and conversion1
1Profitability expressed as speed of and giveaway rate during slicing and shredding of the cheese