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Yogurt’s sweet spot of healthy indulgence should be leveraged

A delicious, but healthy alternative

The yogurt indulgence category hits a sweet spot for a consumer base interested in good tasting products that are good for you. Digestive health, calcium and protein are all important for category participants. As such, yogurt offers a strong mix of health and indulgence that should be promoted to the strongest extent.

Key drivers for Yogurt indulgence is:

High texture, mild flavor and consistent quality. Our cultures are some of the best at achieving this.

While health-related attributes are key considerations for most consumers when it comes to yogurt, taste and flavor also play a significant role. Product-launch activity in the area of indulgent flavors, often inspired by desserts or containing confectionery, has therefore grown continuously in recent years. WE CAN HELP IN CREATING A MILD BASE GOOD FOR SUCH FLAVORS.

Thick textures in particular seem to bode well for an indulgence-focused positioning, with large majorities of European consumers saying that a thick texture makes a yogurt feel more indulgent. THIS IS WHERE WE CAN HELP!

Indulgence for everyone

Furthermore, the indulgence category offers an opportunity to expand yogurt-eating occasions. Why not eat yogurt as a delicious and nutritious snack or dessert?

Take a look at these interesting category insights:

  • 74% of consumers say yogurt is a satisfying replacement for high-calorie/fat desserts
  • 47% of consumers say that yogurt and yogurt drinks are indulgent
  • 33% of consumers eat yogurt to treat themselves
  • 87% of consumers see yogurt as a healthy dessert alternative