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Probiotics for beverages

Probiotics for beverages – learn more about L. CASEI® 431 Juice

Add probiotics to a broad range of juice and juice drinks

Consumers are increasingly interested in consuming beverages with benefits above basic hydration. Probiotics have been described as live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host according to the FAO1.

Probiotics from Chr. Hansen offer manufacturers the opportunity to create healthy and natural products to meet the demands of consumers all over the world.

Chr. Hansen, the world’s largest supplier of lactic acid bacteria for food and dietary supplements, can offer one of our flagship probiotic strains for application in chilled juice and juice drinks: L. CASEI® 431 Juice.


A probiotic specially developed for juice

As probiotics are live bacteria, it has been challenging to have traditional probiotic strains survive in low-pH fruit juices. L. CASEI® 431 Juice can survive up to a least 56 days (8 weeks) and still retain an adequate amount of live bacteria.  Studies have suggested that L. CASEI® can have a positive impact on immunological health (Rizzardini, G et al2 ., 2012 and Vrese et al3., 2005).

L. CASEI® 431 Juice has been designed to give the best results in many types of healthy fruit juices, from citrus, to apples and pears, berries and coconut but also vegetable juices. In most cases, adding the probiotic will not have an effect on the flavor, and in some cases it even enhances the flavor.

L. CASEI® 431 Juice is a direct-vat inoculation frozen culture to be added to juice after pasteurization. Please contact your local Chr. Hansen representative to learn more about how you can "add the good life" to your juice products.