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BOVACILLUS™ for dairy cattle

Supporting normal rumen and gastrointestinal functions and health

Market challenge  

Dairy cows face several challenging situations throughout their productive lives, including commingling with different groups of cows and/or classes of cows (primiparous and multiparous), environmental and nutritional alterations and parturition itself. These challenges may predispose the animals to diseases that may affect rumen and gastrointestinal function and health, consequently impacting overall health and productivity parameters of the herd. Moreover, as the percentage of animals with normal, healthy gastrointestinal tracts increases, so does average performance of the group. Likewise, reducing the incidence of disease reduces the incidence of adverse health events in the dairy herd, which is one of the main objectives in livestock production settings.  


Our solution  

Based on almost 150 years of pioneering science, our cattle probiotic, BOVACILLUS, contains unique, highly selected microbial strains that support normal functions of the gastrointestinal tract and overall well-being of the animals, ensuring the animal performs as expected during its productive life. 


Your benefits 

Feeding BOVACILLUS™ enables producers to proactively and positively influence the digestive health of their dairy cows, and as an indirect consequence, maximizes overall welfare and performance of the herd. 

BOVACILLUS™ has been shown to provide several benefits: 

  • Reduces disease occurrence, such as Clostridium-related diseases (Segura et al., 2020) 
  • Improves starch and fiber digestibility (Pan et al., 2022) 
  • Improves milk (kg/d) and milk fat production (Oyebade et al., 2021) 
  • Better ruminal nutrient utilization (Maderal et al., 2022)