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Chr. Hansen inaugurates new Customer & Application Center for Meat & Prepared Foods

abr. 28. 2023 10:57 GTM

A nice reason to celebrate at Chr. Hansen: After the completion of the first expansion stage, the new Customer and Application Center at Pohlheim, Germany went into operation in te beginning of March 2023.

Pohlheim is Chr. Hansen’s global center of excellence and at the same time the world’s biggest and most modern production site being fully dedicated to food cultures for meat and prepared foods.

“In 2018, we expanded our production area by 60%. We have now invested another EUR 11 million and are thus setting an additional milestone in the development of our facility here in Pohlheim,” says Charlotte Lorentzen, Plant Director Pohlheim.

On four floors, and on a total of 1,200 m² the new building covers a state-of-the-art laboratory area for microbiological and physicochemical analyses, a modern pilot plant for all types of processed meats and prepared foods, including four new maturing and cooking chambers, as well as a customer center for innovation days and training courses on all aspects of the use of good bacteria.

Michael Erkes, Sales Director Meat & Prepared Foods, explains: “Fermentation is literally on everyone’s lips because it makes our food tasty, durable and safe. The close collaboration with our customers is a decisive element to unleash the vast innovation potential of good bacteria. Our new Customer and Application Center provides a fantastic platform to further strengthen this cooperation – both in the classical segment of fermented meat products, as well as in applications such as seafood, hotdogs or plant-based products.”

The core of the investment is a biosafety class 2 area with a microbial laboratory and a meat processing pilot plant, which will enable to work with pathogenic bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella enterica, for instance, to conduct both storage and process challenge tests. “Based on such test series, we research and validate the effect of our food cultures on harmful bacteria that can cause serious foodborne infections. Thus, we can harness the Power of Good Bacteria™ in a targeted way, to make food more durable and safe, based on the natural mechanisms of fermentation. In doing so, we provide an essential contribution towards a more sustainable, resilient and efficient food system,” adds Tim Martin Seibert, Application Manager Meat & Prepared Foods Pohlheim.

Following the first expansion stage, the refurbishment of an adjacent laboratory wing has just started. Véronique Zuliani, Director Global Application, and her entire team in Pohlheim are looking forward to the full completion of the expansion by the end of 2023: “Going forward, we are very pleased to provide to our customers the next level of service and quality!”


Chr. Hansen es una empresa global y diferenciada de biociencia que desarrolla soluciones con ingredientes naturales para las industrias de alimentación y nutrición, farmacéutica y agrícola. En Chr. Hansen, nos encontramos en una posición privilegiada para impulsar el cambio positivo mediante soluciones microbianas. Desde hace casi 150 años, trabajamos para facilitar la agricultura sostenible, alimentos mejores y una vida más sana para más personas de todo el mundo. Nuestras plataformas de tecnología microbiana y fermentativa, incluida nuestra amplia colección de unas 50.000 cepas microbianas, tienen potencial para marcar un antes y un después. Al satisfacer las necesidades de los clientes y las tendencias internacionales, seguimos revelando el poder de las bacterias beneficiosas para responder a dificultades globales, como el desperdicio de alimentos, la salud en el mundo y el uso excesivo de antibióticos y plaguicidas. Como empresa de biotecnología más sostenible del mundo, llegamos a más de mil millones de personas cada día. Con el respaldo de nuestro legado de innovación y curiosidad para impulsar la ciencia, nuestro propósito de cultivar un mundo mejor naturalmente, «Grow a better world. Naturally», está en la esencia de todo lo que hacemos.

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