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Probiotic solutions for optimal growth potential

Supporting nutrient availability and normal gastrointestinal functions in poultry, our probiotics can be a natural, safe and sustainable part of your business

With feed representing 68% of the cost of broiler production, production profitability is important, and margins are under pressure.  

Poultry needs a healthy digestive system to absorb nutrients and convert feedstuffs efficiently. 

When fed daily, our unique probiotic solutions help establish and support normal microbial populations within the digestive tract of poultry. By germinating and multiplying fast in the digestive tract, probiotics can colonize the gut and act in the right place for the optimal benefit.  

Additionally, the ability to survive harsh pelleting conditions and compatibility with multiple additives makes our probiotics flexible in use. 


Our probiotic solutions have been associated with several benefits:  

  • Improving nutrient availability 
  • Maintaining normal behavior under heat stress conditions. 
  • Limiting the nutrient (like iron) availability for potentially harmful bacteria. 

Learn more about GALLIPRO® and GALLIPRO® MS 

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