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We have a two-tier management structure at Chr. Hansen Holding A/S consisting of a

  • Board of Directors and
  • Executive Board

The Board of Directors appoints the Executive Board responsible for the day-to-day management of the company and for observing guidelines and recommendations issued by the Board of Directors. The Executive Board is also in charge of presenting and recommending proposals for Chr. Hansen’s overall strategy and objectives to the Board of Directors.

Corporate leadership team

On a more daily basis, our corporate leadership team runs the business.

Management philosophy

Generally, we have the same management philosophy across our three business areas and all our offices and subsidiaries, but individual managers each have their special qualifications, and each management position requires particular competencies.

We value our leaders and are constantly looking to develop their capabilities. For us, good leaders are the ones who empower others, who create a positive work environment, and who are able to set a clear direction and steer the boat in troubled water.

 Cees de Jong  Søren Westh Lonning  Winnie Bügel  Alice Larsen  Christoffer Lorenzen  Christian Barker  Thomas Schäfer  Torsten Steenholt  Jacob Vishof Paulsen  Sten Estrup

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