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“Science should be for all!”

29-year-old Ane Broedsgaard Saldic works as a Research Scientist in our Molecular Assays department in R&D. She looks up to her cool female scientist colleagues and is proud of being a role model for her 8-year-old niece, who has come to share Ane’s fascination of natural science.

“I’m the black sheep of the family, in a good way,” notes Ane with a big smile. “My parents and my older sister are schoolteachers teaching completely different subjects, but I have always been fascinated by nature and how all life is deeply dependent upon microorganisms that we can’t even see. I developed this urge to understand complex matters down to the smallest component and be able to explain it to others too, and I can tell that this passion has rubbed off on my 8-year-old niece. I’m very much aware of being a role model figure, and I feel lucky that I have been allowed to influence her in a scientific direction,” Ane says.

Getting to the bottom of things

Together with her colleagues in the Molecular Assays department, Ane works with scientific analyses to support Chr. Hansen’s production facilities, Quality Control functions and not least customers, using highly advanced DNA based technology and equipment.

“I am very proud of the support we provide as experts in development and application of our molecular toolbox. We have had above 500 requests last year, and we have solved complicated cases, developed and provided consultancy to meet their demands,” explains Ane, who is driven by understanding a problem to the core and sharing her findings in an easy-to-understand manner.

“I value my job as a contributor to the business through my scientific support to key functions and customers. It fuels my passion to get to the bottom of things and make it accessible to others through communication. Science should be for all, and everybody should be able to understand the underlying processes!” states Ane.


Ane talking a post lunch walk with a colleague in Hoersholm

First to find the fungus Tricholoma triste in Denmark

Ane is not the kind of person who plans her future career in detail and strictly follows the path to get there. She is focused on the task ahead of her and takes one step at a time.

She happened to be the first to discover the fungus Tricholoma triste (in Danish: Trist ridderhat) in Denmark during a field mycology during her time at the university, but she humbly ascribes that to good luck. Should her work lead to a scientific breakthrough, she’ll regard that as an extra bonus.

“What really gets me going is understanding what I’m doing here and now and finding answers to complex problems,” Ane explains.

Playground for scientists

Ane joined Chr. Hansen in July 2020 as her first career job after completing her studies as a Master of microbiology. As one of the 54% of the female academics in Research & Development in Chr. Hansen, Ane feels that she has ended up on the right shelf: 

“I think it’s great that we have so many cool female scientists. Chr. Hansen has a strong reputation for science and innovation, and for a team spirit where co-workers respect and support each other and share information on scientific learnings. 

This is exactly what I have experienced and more. Microbiology can be very unpredictable. When things don’t go as planned, we are really good at sharing our knowledge, helping each other and meeting the demands and deadlines that are required of us. The team spirit and support you get from your colleagues gives you energy to go the extra mile.

I feel so lucky to work for a company that focuses so intensely on research and development and is not afraid of investing in the newest and most advanced equipment and technology to conduct our analyses. It truly is a playground for scientists,” she smiles. 

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