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Probiotic solutions to assure pre-harvest food safety

Supporting normal gastrointestinal functions and the balance of gut microflora in poultry, our probiotics can be a natural, safe and sustainable part of your business

Throughout all life stages, poultry can be exposed to harmful bacteria that can impact livability, health and performance. Some of these potentially harmful bacteria like Salmonella impact both the safety and the quality of protein products delivered to the food chain. 

At the same time, consumers demand safe products with no antibiotics added and clean labels. 

When fed daily, our unique probiotic solutions help establish and support normal, robust microbial populations within the digestive tract of poultry. 

This allows the modern poultry producer to address global challenges and consumer demands for safe proteins while maximizing the producers’ profit potential. 


Our probiotic solutions have been associated with several benefits:  

  • Colonizing the gut and acting in the right place. 
  • Supporting normal immune response. 
  • Contributing to pre-harvest food safety programs. 
  • Being easy to implement with limited risk. 

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