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Bacterial inoculant for superior fermentation and microbial control of silage against Clostridia

SILOSOLVE® MC has consistently proven its durability especially when ensiling wet crops or crops of higher buffer capacity, like alfalfa and fresh grass/legumes mix. SILOSOLVE® MC promotes fast, controlled fermentation and ensures that clostridia activity is limited. As a result, nutrients are preserved and available for your cows. 


Clostridia may reduce palatability

Clostridia grows in wet silage when there is a lack of oxygen and high levels of ash. Growth of Clostridia leads to breakdown of protein and production of butyric acid. Butyric acid may lead to poor feed out performance and may negatively impact health when fed to high producing dairy cows. 


SILOSOLVE® MC reduces Clostridial fermentation

In a number of research trials, Lactococcus lactis SR3.54 has been shown to significantly reduce growth of Clostridia  (figure1.). The reduction of Clostridia is expected to positively affect silage quality by reducing the production of butyric acid.

Figure 1: The effect of L. lactis SR3.54 on Clostridia. 

<span style="font-size: 12.8px;">Swedish patent no. 511828.</span>

SILOSOLVE® MC minimizes protein degradation and ammonia production

Ammonia is one of the indicators of protein breakdown and may lead to lowered intake by dairy cows. In high value crops, like alfalfa and grass/legume mixes, SILOSOLVE® MC limits ammonia production and improves protein preservation. The benefits are higher quality silage with less feed refusal. 

Figure 2: SILOSOLVE® MC improves protein preservation 

Figure 3: SILOSOLVE® MC reduces ammonia 

* p<0.05 significantly different from untreated


SILOSOLVE® MC improves fermentation leading to increased milk production

SILOSOLVE® MC consistently improves fermentation which leads to a significant increase in milk production. Cows fed SILOSOLVE® MC treated maize silage had increased efficiency of milk production through an 8% reduction in dry matter intake and a 2% increase in energy corrected milk yield. A similar response was observed in cows fed SILOSOLVE® MC treated alfalfa.


Figure 4: SILOSOLVE® MC improves maize silage feed efficiency and milk production

* p<0.05 significantly different from untreated


Figure 5: SILOSOLVE® MC treated alfalfa silage increases milk production

p<0.05 significantly different from untreated

Specific trial data available upon request. 


What’s inside SILOSOLVE® MC?

SILOSOLVE® MC is a silage additive containing three highly-selected strains of lactic acid bacteria. One strain (L. lactis SR3.54) is patented for its ability to reduce undesirable microbial fermentation, especially Clostridia. The other two direct and control overall fermentation.

Targeted crops include those that are ensiled at low dry matter concentrations or at high moisture where the risk of Clostridial fermentation is high. 


Can SILOSOLVE® MC be used for organic farming?

SILOSOLVE® MC O was designed specifically for organic farms. It provides all positive effects mentioned for SILOSOLVE® MC.


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