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BOVAMINE® probiotics for beef cattle

Supporting normal gastrointestinal functions and a beneficially balanced microbiota – necessities in the production of a healthy, thriving, efficient herd

Market challenge  

Confined feeding operations present many challenges, beginning with the arrival of mixed lots of stressed cattle through the transition to high intakes of high-energy feeds.  Keeping your cattle alive and thriving in your environment is a full-time job.  


Our solution  

Designed for daily feeding in beef cattle rations, our probiotic BOVAMINE® contains a unique combination of lactic-acid producing organisms and lactic-acid utilizing organisms that together support the normal functions of the rumen and post-ruminal digestive tract – leading to a positive shift in the percentage of normal, healthy, thriving cattle in your operations.  


Your benefits 

Daily feeding of BOVAMINE® supports the normal functions of the gut, specifically digestion, absorption, barrier, and immune functions, which better enable steers and heifers to defend themselves against challenges and to survive and grow in an expected manner. BOVAMINE® products are natural, safe, and sustainably produced and fit perfectly into programs aimed at the reduction of the use of antibiotics and other publicly challenged options.  

Supplementation with BOVAMINE® probiotics has been proven to: 

  • Support normal functions of the gastrointestinal tract 
  • Shift average performance of feedlot cattle towards positive with a notable reduction in variation 
  • Support animal welfare and well-being. 

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