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Supporting normal gastrointestinal functions and a beneficially balanced microbiota – necessities in the production of a healthy, thriving herd

Market challenge  

Keeping your calves alive and thriving from birth to sale on your pastures or adding 500 pounds or so to 4- or 5-weight cattle in a cost-effective manner is a highly challenging proposition. Particularly with so much public pressure on sustainability and natural solutions.  


Our solution  

Based on almost 150 years of pioneering science, our BOVACILLUS probiotic contains unique, highly selected strains of Bacillus subtilis and B. licheniformis probiotic bacteria. These two species of bacteria are spore-forming and resist well under the typical heat of feed pelleting processes, making them the ideal choice for inclusion in a wide array of feeding options for pre-conditioning and pasture cattle, including tubs, blocks, liquid feeds and many more. 


Your benefits 

Supplementation with BOVACILLUS supports the normal functions of the gut, specifically digestion, absorption, barrier, and immune functions, helping steers and heifers stay healthy and grow in an expected manner.   


Supplementation with BOVACILLUS probiotics has been proven to: 

  • Support normal functions of the gastrointestinal tract 
  • Shift average performance of cattle towards positive with a notable reduction in variation 
  • Support normal animal welfare and well-being.

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