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Production excellence

Chr. Hansen has a long history of high-quality production. Our product innovation is based on around 40,000 microbial strains – what we call "good bacteria" – and we produce more than 400 different bacterial strains each year. 

Our solutions enable food manufacturers to produce more with less while reducing the use of chemicals and other synthetic additives, making our products highly relevant in today’s world.

We also have a second-to-none supply of bacteria, with 400,000 trillion shipped from our production facilities around the world each day. And because we have facilities across the globe, it is easy for us to meet customer demand wherever it arises.  

From the lab to reality
Bacteria may be small but the production of our solutions takes place on a large scale. Follow the process – from inoculation and fermentation all the way to shipment.




Fermentation is a vital part of the production process and Chr. Hansen is one of the few companies with the capability to do this on a large scale.

It is vital to control the fermentation process with extreme vigilance if the end-product is to be of the highest quality.

From inoculation to drying, producing bacillus is a highly controlled process 


Process control makes all the difference
Controlled fermentation means a more potent and cleaner product while uncontrolled fermentation can lead to a low-quality product.


Controlled fermentation
The high number of spores provide increased potency while the consistency in shapes means a clean end-product.

Uncontrolled fermentation
Very few spores and a wide variety of shapes, resulting in a low-quality end-product.

Сила микробиологических решений 

Раскрываем потенциал полезных бактерий

Продукция с подтверждённой эффективностью 

Лучшие на рынке решения с проверенной эффективностью

Высокие стандарты производства 

Глобальное присутствие и большой опыт производства высококачественной продукции

Надёжные и преданные своему делу партнёры

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