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Early feed-out

Heterofermentative inoculants are used in silage making to permit a quick completion of the fermentation process and to increase bunk life after the opening of the silo

Market challenge

One of the main problems occurring after too dry or too wet silage seasons is feed shortage. Both beef and dairy production require steadiness in day-to-day operations, especially when the feeding is concerned. Feed shortage occurs often when the fermentation of new silage is not complete, while demand for new silage rises. That leaves the whole herd management in jeopardy and affects cattle productivity.

Our solution

Containing unique strains of lactic acid bacteria, our product SILOSOLVE® FC, allows you to open a bunker after just seven days of fermentation while ensuring that the silage is fully fermented, fresh and palatable. This early opening feature is a powerful tool, especially when facing feed shortages after e.g., drought. That allows farmers to open the bunker just after days, instead of weeks.