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Probiotic solutions for grow-finish pigs

Optimizing performance through increased nutrient availability in grower and finisher feed, our probiotic products can be a natural, safe and sustainable part of your business

Grow-finish production is a heavy job in terms of time and inputs. One of the main challenges associated with raising pigs to market weight is optimizing the cost of diets without sacrificing performance or reducing utilization of feed. 

Daily feeding of our natural probiotic solutions have been proven to increase the digestibility of feed, which yields a larger resource of nutrients, and to reduce the risk from harmful bacteria.  Nutrient availability and absorption in a healthy gut drive optimal performance and feed efficiency.   

Our probiotic solutions have been proven to support:

  • Optimal feed efficiency and cost per pig  
  • Achievement of genetic potential  
  • Health and well-being of grower-finishers.