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Trusted and committed partnerships

When developing new and innovative microbial solutions, close collaboration is a must. Chr. Hansen partners with some of the biggest players in the industry, engaging in more than 1,000 development projects with customers every year.


Through collaboration with our partners, we create microbial solutions for farmers worldwide


Because we have both global and local technology centers, we can easily provide customers with individually tailored solutions. And when we deliver a strain, we offer full backing from start to finish with documentation, scientific data and technical support.

Using our vast experience in R&D, we can produce a strain according to the specifications and needs of our partners. We can also upscale or produce from an existing strain and ensure excellent product quality and supply reliability.

Contract manufacturing

From custom product development to custom manufacturing, we offer tailor-made solutions for partners.

Custom product development

  • Strains to meet partner needs and fill product gaps
  • Customization to satisfy partner needs
  • Excellent product quality and supply reliability.

Custom manufacturing

  • Partner product is produced according to their specifications
  • Partner has an existing strain that requires upscale and/or production
  • Allows access to Chr. Hansen microbial production expertise
  • Process and product optimization
  • Excellent product quality and supply reliability.

“No one knows microbiology and fermentation better than the team at Chr. Hansen. Their expertise in strain development and scale-up production complements the work we do so well in formulation and bringing products to market."

Mark A. Douglas, President, FMC Agricultural solutions

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