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Meet Lorenzo: a dedicated leader and scientist, passionate about plants and adventurous bicycling

Lorenzo has worked in Chr. Hansen’s Application Center in Taastrup for the past seven years and has had an instrumental role in building the department that today consists of nine people with seven different nationalities.

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What do you do in Plant Health?  

Basically, what we do in Plant Health, is help microbes, plants and partners. What we test here is bacteria that can help our green friends. When plants grow out in the field, unfortunately, they go through a lot of challenges. Sometimes they lack water, sometimes they have pathogens attacking them. So, we look for bacteria that can help plants go through these difficult situations, so they are able to produce a higher yield and help both farmers, but also food production in general.


My interest in plant science started when I was a kid, and the reason for it, I believe, is because I have a really deep respect for plants, because plants are so intertwined with everything in our lives

How has your career in Chr. Hansen developed since you started?  

My career in Chr. Hansen started as an industrial postdoc student about seven years ago. Then I became an application scientist, and at some point, I had the opportunity to take on a more managerial role as I started leading the biostimulant team in Plant Health. To be honest, at the beginning, I was a little bit frightened, and I think it had a lot to do with the uncertainty that comes with taking on a new position. But looking back, I’m really proud of taking that step. Especially the fact that I have been given so much trust and so much empowerment to develop myself. And of all the good things I have experienced during the past seven years in Chr. Hansen, this is something I will never forget.

Working as a manager has proved a different set of challenges than working as a scientist. When you work as a scientist you can be fairly sure of what you can and cannot trust because the decision-making is very much based on data. As a manager, you don’t always have that luxury. That is why I really can’t stress enough how grateful I am for the people that I work with. They tell me what my blind spots are and help me be a better leader.


Why did you choose to work in plant science?  

My interest in plant science started when I was a kid, and the reason for it, I believe, is because I have a really deep respect for plants, because plants are so intertwined with everything in our lives. You know, our clothes are made of plant material, we eat food that comes from plants, and we breathe oxygen that comes from plants. So many aspects of our lives come from plants.  

What does it mean for you to be a Hansenite?  

When you go to work and when you are in an environment where you can respect each other, you have things to learn from each other and you can even admire each other. At the end of the day, the biggest asset that we have in Chr. Hansen is all of us, it’s the people.

How has the Application Center in Taastrup developed since you started in 2016?  

This department has changed a lot since I started here. I started as an industrial postdoc student and then I had the pleasure of seeing how Plant Health was built up and how more great colleagues like technicians, scientists and student workers have joined the team.  

When I started, I was alone in this greenhouse and now I’m fortunate enough that I see this team growing. Now, we have nine people with seven different nationalities so I really can’t wait to see where we are going and to be part of shaping our direction.  


Lorenzo and his girlfriend on a mountain pass on the Atlas Mountains, on a bike trip from Marrakesh to Agadir.  

Tell us something that few people know about you

My favorite vacation style is without any doubt long-distance bicycle touring. I was fortunate to be able to bike along the Camino de Santiago, L’Eroica, Morocco, and to celebrate my PhD I biked from Denmark to Italy.

Nothing beats the mindfulness, true immersion in the surroundings, and self-discovery that time on a bicycle can bring. It’s beautiful, it’s challenging, it’s adventurous and it’s good for both the body and mind. Checks all boxes!