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GALLIPRO® FIT is the selected triple strain poultry probiotic to boost prevention programs and contribute to food safety delivering profitability.

GALLIPRO® FIT contains three carefully selected, naturally-occurring strains:

Bacillus subtillis


  • Inhibits gram negative and positive microbes
  • Modulates immune system.

Bacillus subtillis 

(DSM 32324)

  • Inhibits gram negative and positive microbes
  • Improves protein availability.

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

(DSM 25840)

  • Improves energy availability
  • Improves protein availability.

They were selected specifically for their ability to inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic organisms and for their ability to improve digestibility of feed. 


Strains matter
Why it is important to select the “right” Bacillus?


Bacillus subtilis species have more than 1,000 strains recorded in international strain banks. Selecting and differentiating strains matters greatly for the health and food industries as different strains have unique properties. There is huge difference between strains in e.g enzyme production, inhibition of pathogenic bacteria abilities, germination etc. 

Application: GALLIPRO® FIT should be added at a rate of 500g to 1 ton of feed, providing a 1.6x106 CFU/g of feed, and should be administered to flocks from Day 1 until slaughter. Alternatively can be added to starter and grower feed, and follow up by GALLIPRO® for finisher feed.

  • Can be used in premix, mash and/or pelleted feed
  • Stable through the pelleting process
  • Compatible with coccidiostats

GALLIPRO® FIT: the discovery

GALLIPRO® FIT: the benefits of innovation