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Consistent quality for consistent results   

Reassure consistent quality and performance of animal-use probiotics

As a professional in food animal production or the animal feed industry, you have high expectations about the quality of all feed ingredients you use, including probiotics added to feed formulations. We know that animal nutritionists, feed mill professionals and live operations managers demand consistent performance, quality, and results from the probiotic feed additives they purchase.

We know that low quality and batch-to-batch variation can compromise the uniform distribution of probiotics in the feed. According to surveys of feed professionals globally, the ideal probiotic product is:

  • Supported by research in efficacy and return on investment 
  • Cost-efficient when compared to alternatives 
  • Consistent and predictable on each use. 

Nutritionists and other professionals in animal nutrition are even more concerned about probiotics possibly having their viability and efficacy compromised when blended into feeds that are going to be pelleted. 



How can you and other animal feed professionals be reassured that your expectations for consistent quality and performance of animal-use probiotics will be met?   



At Chr. Hansen, we leverage the knowledge and teamwork of our global organization to make consistent products that deliver on performance and quality every time. We call this the “One plant, many locations” quality pledge.

We believe you would like to know that “quality” has a specific meaning for us. It refers to all processes and checks to ensure:

  • consistent identity
  • consistent purity
  • consistent quantity and concentration
  • consistent flow and mixability
  • consistent viability of our products.

The quality pledge extends beyond the production stage, all the way to the feed and the target animal’s gut.

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Consistency is key


Consistent identity – the right bacteria in the right bag – is verified through:

  • Rigorous testing for strain verification
  • Rigorous inventory control and reconciliation
  • Rigorous sanitation and sterilization of all production equipment.


Consistent purity – only the right bacteria in the bag – is achieved through:

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and automation
  • In-process samples for purity
  • Microbial and chemical contaminants testing
  • FAMI-QS certification.


Consistent quantity and concentration are maintained through: 

  • Blending process validation 
  • Validated methods and proficiency testing 
  • Scale calibration and process checks.


Consistent flow and mixability are verified through: 

  • Fast flow rate in funnel tests 
  • Formulation with uniform-size, inert carriers 
  • Testing of customer’s feeds in our labs.


Consistent viability is achieved and verified through: 

  • Freeze-drying for extended shelf-life 
  • Sporulation for extended shelf-life and to resist temperatures used for feed pelletization 
  • Use of proprietary moisture control in finished products 
  • Pioneering research showing the formation of biofilms in the cecum of broiler chickens.