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Chr. Hansen focuses on HMOs, probiotics and the infant microbiome at the ESPGHAN 2022 annual meeting in Copenhagen

Meet our experts for scientific poster abstracts, presentations and networking on June 23-25, 2022. Find us at booth 7 at the Bella Center.

июн 16. 2022 09:18 GTM

The European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) is a multi-professional organization whose aim is to promote the health of children through knowledge creation and the dissemination of science-based information. The annual meeting attracts close to 5,000 participants from all around the world, making the congress the largest conference of its kind.

Chr. Hansen is excited to be present at the physical event, in a joint collaboration between its Human Health business unit and the new HMO division focusing on human milk oligosaccharides for infant formula, bringing the recipe closer to breast milk.


Making a positive difference through cutting edge science and technology 

“It is the first time since 2019 that ESPGHAN takes place physically. We very much look forward to reconnecting with health care professionals and other industry professionals and discuss our 5 HMO study and other new topics in the world of HMOs, probiotics and infant microbiome science,” says Veronika Müller-Wigger, senior manager Commercial Development, Chr. Hansen HMO. 

“At Chr. Hansen, we use our science and technology to make a positive difference in the world by supporting infant health. We rely on our strongholds in terms of innovation, next level quality and safety when developing new solutions within probiotics and HMOs, and we have some of the world’s most documented strains in our portfolio,” elaborates Karoline Thorsoee Elmstroem, director, Global Marketing, Human Health.

“HMO is a new area, a natural next step for Chr. Hansen. The latest research shows that added to infant formula, HMOs, which are natural prebiotic fibers in breast milk, contribute to health benefits, such as supporting the immune system and healthy brain development. Also, HMOs are indicated to support gut maturation and resilience, as well as promotion of a balanced gut microbiome. Combined, HMOs and probiotics can have strong complementary or even synbiotic synergies,” adds Müller-Wigger.

“We are bringing our team of experts who can provide insight into the latest research generated across HMOs and probiotics for infant health. We are particularly excited to present a poster and give a brief presentation during the e-poster session on the Saturday (June 25th), and not least excited about the opportunity to engage in great discussions on infant microbiome science,” they both conclude.

Don’t miss out  

  • Make sure to find the Chr. Hansen stand, booth no. 7, where our team looks forward to engaging with visitors, meeting up with old friends and getting to know new ones in the exciting field of connecting the microbiome science with commercial opportunities.

    We look forward to seeing you at a short ”Meet our experts” session on Friday, June 24 
    at 2.00 – 2.30 pm, at our booth. Here Yannik Schoenknecht, PhD, scientific advisor, HMO, and Stine Ninel Hansen, scientific advisor, Human Health will discuss the science behind our unique product offering supporting infant health. 

  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to schedule a meeting with us during the event. Contact Frida Hjaltested, Marketing & Commercial Manager.

Breastfeeding is best. Chr. Hansen supports the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation of breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months, followed by continued breastfeeding together with complementary foods.


Chr. Hansen – дифференцированная глобальная бионаучная компания, которая разрабатывает натуральные решения для пищевой промышленности, сельского хозяйства и фармацевтической отрасли. Компания Chr. Hansen обладает уникальными возможностями для изменения мира к лучшему с пмощью микробиологических решений. Вот уже более 150 лет мы помогаем создавать в мире устойчивое сельское хозяйство и более качественную продукцию, способствуя оздоровлению образа жизни людей. Значительный потенциал имеют наши платформы микробиологических решений и технологий ферментации, а также коллекция микробиологических штаммов, насчитывающая более 50 000 образцов. Отвечая потребностям заказчиков и глобальным тенденциям, мы продолжаем раскрывать потенциал полезных бактерий, способствуя тем самым решению таких глобальных вопросов, как пищевые отходы, здоровье населения, резистентность к антибиотикам и использование пестицидов. Будучи самой устойчивой в мире биотехнологической компанией, Chr. Hansen поставляет решения, которые ежедневно используют более миллиарда человек. Мотивированные стремлением к новаторству и жаждой научных знаний, наши сотрудники ставят перед собой задачу «To grow a better world. Naturally». – Этот девиз лежит в основе всей нашей деятельности.