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The era of biosolutions is here

Chr. Hansen Plant Health is now part of Novonesis’ Planetary Health Biosolutions division

mar 20. 2024 11:51 GTM

Climate change, rising temperatures, and an increasing population are just some of the many challenges, facing the agricultural industry. Biosolutions have the potential to address many of these challenges, in particular by farmers in their efforts to produce sustainable food and keep our planet healthy.

Chr. Hansen and Novozymes have now  joined forces to create Novonesis, a leading biosolutions partner that spans the entire value chain - from farm to fork and from farmers to consumers. 

This means that our Plant Health division is also now part of Novonesis, a company that combines two of the world’s leading biotech specialists, with 10,000 people worldwide with expertise from more than 30 different industries working for one, committed biosolutions partner. 


More solutions, more value

Our expanded Plant Health biosolutions offer a dynamic portfolio of biological solutions derived from naturally occurring microbes and enzymes, helping farmers increase crop yields, protect crops against diseases and pests, make plants more robust and improve water and nutrient efficiency. 

While the commitment to our customers remains unchanged, we believe that they will benefit from even more value - including an unparalleled library of documented microbial strains and enzymes, continuous investment in R&D, a global production and distribution network that can scale-up at speed and increased R&D expertise to help solve farmer’s problems with biosolutions.  

Novonesis will continue our proven track record developing and selling sustainable biosolutions in the Plant Health segments. Together, we can transform the world for the better with biosolutions.

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Lidiia Alaverdova 
Head of Global Marketing & Pet
Animal & Plant Biosolutions
Planetary Health Biosolutions




Two formidable legacy companies 
Chr. Hansen was a former global bioscience company with almost 150 years’ experience developing natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries to enable sustainable agriculture, better food and healthier living for more people around the world.

Novozymes was a former world leader in biological solutions and leading provider of enzyme and microbial technologies. Novozymes’ history goes back 100 years, working alongside customers, partners and the global community to improve industrial performance while preserving the planet’s resources and helping to build better lives.