Animal Health

At Chr. Hansen Animal Health, we aim to solve common and costly problems of livestock producers and pet parents. We harness the Power of Good Bacteria to support normal function of the gastrointestinal tracts of animals, preserve silage and contribute to the sustainable production of meat, milk and eggs. 

A growing world population and resource scarcity create the need for doing things differently for food producing animals and pets alike. At the same time, consumers and regulators are calling for more sustainable practices, greater focus on animal welfare and less use of antibiotics and other drugs in veterinary medicine.  

Using our scientific know-how in microbial sciences, we developed the most complete portfolio of silage inoculants and probiotics for animals, while continuously searching new solutions for dairy and beef cattle, poultry, swine, dogs and cats.  


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Watch a short introduction to our science-based, research-proven approach to developing probiotic solutions for animals.


Probiotics for natural health and growth of food-producing animals

Probiotic feed additives provide viable, beneficial bacteria to animals, supporting their normal health and well-being. Evidence suggests that animals supplemented with viable probiotic products have less need for antibiotic or other drug treatments. In addition, probiotics are a consumer-accepted technology that is rapidly gaining favor with food-animal producers, veterinarians, nutritionists and other animal caretakers.


Seeing is believing: silage inoculants for forage quality preservation

Silage inoculants are bacteria that modulate the fermentation process in silage-making, ensuring the preservation of dry-matter, protection against yeast and mold overgrowth and maintenance of silage quality from field to trough.

At Chr. Hansen, we have developed unique inoculant products that help farmers obtain the best results from their silage-making efforts. Our representatives provide technical services that support dairy and beef producers worldwide in the task of making and preserving silage quality.


Helping the pet care industry achieve excellence in their pet probiotics play

To grow a better world for dogs and cats, we offer a portfolio of live probiotics for use in pet food, treats and pet supplements.

Our product innovation is inspired by nature and backed by the latest science. We believe in the importance of a healthy microbiome and rely on the Power of Good Bacteria™ to address the needs of the pets, pet parents and the pet care industry.


A global biotechnology leader with deep roots in the food and health industries

Animal health and nutrition is constantly evolving. Priorities have changed and continue to change. While a few decades ago the focus of the animal-source food industry was on animal productivity only, today the need is to balance diverse economical, societal and environmental interests.

At the same time, pets are increasingly considered members of the human family and awareness of their care needs have grown accordingly.

No matter what other changes and challenges the future brings, thanks to the amazing development of microbial sciences, we are confident that Chr. Hansen will be part of the solution.