​FeelGood Kefir “highly commended” at Beverage Innovation award show

​FeelGood Kefir “highly commended” at Beverage Innovation award show
Press Release | Nov 27. 2015 12:13 GMT

Reinvent an ancient dairy product with intrinsic health benefits and get a head start in a new global trend.

Our new eXact® Kefir12 culture was awarded in the Best Beverage Ingredient category at the 2015 World Beverage Innovation Awards.

The culture contains 12 live bacteria and combined with a Yoflex® culture it reinvents the kefir category with a tasty “super” kefir containing 14 live bacteria.

Kefir is a fermented dairy product with a strong heritage and health halo. Originating from Eastern Europe, it is now gaining ground as a new global trend.

“A few years ago we launched eXact® KEFIR1 and KEFIR2 cultures for classic kefir. These cultures have shown to add value to many of our customers in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. We are now seeing Kefir successes in the Western and Asian dairy markets such as the US, Canada and China.

We believe that our new culture eXact® KEFIR 12, which is the technical solution behind the awarded “FeelGood Kefir” concept, will fit this trend in the new kefir markets with a softer and milder taste,” says Lasse Vigel Joergensen, Global Marketing Manager.


FeelGood Kefir - a super version of kefir with 14 live bacteria:

  • Delicious flavor - mild or sparkling depending on preference
  • Texture – smooth and soft
  • Clean label
  • Reinvention of a product type with a strong heritage
  • Naturally healthy – traditional kefir has intrinsic health benefits


For more information on FeelGood Kefir, contact Lasse Vigel Joergensen, Global Marketing Manager, Fresh Dairy, dklvj@chr-hansen.com, +45 22 49 51 32, or Marie Tutein Brenoee, Marketing Network Lead & Brand Manager, dkmrb@chr-hansen.com, +45 25 15 14 90.

科汉森是为食品、营养、制药和农业行业开发天然解决方案的一家全球领先的生物科学公司。我们为各种食品、糖果、饮料、膳食补充剂、动物饲料和植物保护开发和生产发酵剂、酶、益生菌和天然色素。我们的产品创新基于大约 40,000 株微生物菌株——我们喜欢称之为“有益菌群”。我们的解决方案帮助食品制造商实现以更少的资源生产更多的产品,同时也减少了化学添加剂和其他合成物添加剂的使用,这使得我们的产品与当今世界息息相关。可持续性是科汉森改善食物和健康的愿景不可分割的一部分。2019 年,科汉森被 Corporate Knights 评为全球最可持续发展的公司,这要归功于我们为可持续发展付出的巨大努力以及我们与客户建立的众多合作伙伴关系。145 年来,我们一直在不断地为我们的合作伙伴以及全球终端消费者创造价值。令我们感到自豪的是,每天有超过 10 亿人在消费含有我们天然成分的产品。科汉森成立于 1874 年,并已在哥本哈根证券交易所上市。