Chr. Hansen to acquire DIAL culture production and strain collection

Chr. Hansen to acquire DIAL culture production and strain collection
Press Release | Oct 09. 2015 06:34 GMT

Joint press release from Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd (DIAL) and Chr. Hansen A/S:

The Board of Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd (DIAL) is pleased to announce that they have entered into a contract to finalize the sale of the DIAL culture production unit and strain collection to Chr. Hansen Holding A/S (Denmark) and Chr. Hansen Pty Ltd (Australia), a wholly owned subsidiary. The sale of this business unit is in line with the strategic review conducted by the DIAL Board. It is anticipated that this transaction will be completed in November 2015.

Peter Boyden, Chairman of DIAL, says: “Securing a key international purchaser in Chr. Hansen validates our decision to separate the Cultures Production Unit from the remaining consultancy functions of DIAL. It is important to the DIAL Board to know the supply of cultures to the Australian industry will be serviced by a global leader in the sector.”

The Danish-based biotechnology company Chr. Hansen is a global, leading expert in fermentation technology, with culture production facilities in Denmark, France the USA and, with this acquisition, Australia. The company is listed on the Nasdaq Copenhagen stock exchange.

Chr. Hansen Pty Ltd has been in Australia since 1951 and has a long history as a partner servicing the Australian dairy industry. Today, Chr. Hansen Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne with sales, laboratory applications, marketing and supply chains servicing the dairy, general food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries in all of Australia and New Zealand.

Kylie Evans, Country Manager at Chr. Hansen Pty Ltd says: “We are committed to best-in-class coverage and service to customers and we are proud to be trusted by the major Australian cheesemakers to supply the key ingredients to their important brands. Now we look forward to nurturing the starter culture business within the Chr. Hansen family and becoming a stronger partner to our customers”

A number of key Dairy Innovation Australia staff will join Chr. Hansen and it is intended to continue production for key clients at the existing DIAL facility for 12 months whilst a long term future location is evaluated.

For further information, please contact:

Lesley MacLeod, CEO DIAL Tel: +61 3 9974 8711 / +61 4 2092 1737

Kylie Evans, Country Manager, Chr. Hansen Pty Ltd. Tel: +61 3 9721 1035 / +61 4 55425459

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