Say goodbye to bitterness in your soft cheeses

Say goodbye to bitterness in your soft cheeses
Press Release | Oct 31. 2016 09:53 GMT

Chr. Hansen launches a new coagulant CHY-MAX® Special: a true game changer for soft cheese manufacturers and the food service sector. CHY-MAX® Special eliminates undesired bitter notes developing throughout shelf life.

The market challenge The rich flavor and delicious texture of cheeses, like Brie and Camembert, have paved the way for soft cheeses into the hearts of consumers all over the world. Today, soft cheese producers are faced with two main challenges – namely the texture and flavor of the cheese that are likely to change significantly during shelf life. This undesired process occurs as proteins break down into peptide fractions, which ultimately can lead to an increased amount of bitterness, a runny texture or the unpleasant smell of ammonia.

“This is not only disappointing to the consumer enjoying a sandwich or cheese platter, but also a major issue for producers who have to deal with products being sold at a discounted price or being returned from the retail chain”, explains Michael Fooken Jensen, Global Marketing Manager.

Extend shelf life with CHY-MAX® Special
CHY-MAX® Special is a unique and patented coagulant that can put an end to these concerns. With its unique formula, producers and consumers are guaranteed a soft cheese with great texture and flavor throughout the entire shelf life. With its stable ripening profile, extended shelf life is made possible.

“Soft cheese producers have some incredible traditions dating back more than a thousand years, which is something we wanted to pay tribute to when searching for the ideal coagulant. We therefore established a research team located in France – the home of soft cheese – and went for a very collaborative approach in the development phase. In close collaboration with customers and after carrying out several field trials, we are very excited to finally introduce our proprietary CHY-MAX® Special”, says Marc Faiveley, Application Manager Soft Cheese.

High consumer expectations in the ‘new food world’
Food is no longer just a source of energy. All over the world, consumers are increasingly becoming more conscious about what they eat; simply demanding high quality food that is authentic without compromising taste, safety or convenience. These drivers are some of the key levers for the 3% growth year-on-year in the food service industry, where fast food chains, delis and supermarkets are fighting for the loyalty of their customers. In this segment, texture and flavor defects are severe issues, as they simply hamper operational efficiency and customer loyalty.

With CHY-MAX® Special it is now possible to improve products, as well as the user experience of soft cheese, by removing texture and flavor defects once and for all. Read more here

Spot on market trends

  • Food waste is a major global challenge: Today approximately 1/3 of all food is being thrown away and in Europe alone 29 million tons of dairy products are lost or wasted every year according to a study by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FOA) from 2012. Worldwide this amounts to around 20% of all dairy products produced. A considerable portion is due to spoilage through contamination, flavor degradation and the general stability and texture of the product

  • Extended shelf life can be part of the solution addressing this issue, which does not only benefit food manufacturers, but also consumers, supermarkets and, ultimately, society at large.In a price-driven, cost-focused market, where retailer purchasing power is increasingly strong and dairy prices low, there is a constant need for dairies to reduce costs and optimize processes. With shelf life extension opportunities, dairies themselves can achieve great benefits and open up new geographical markets.

  • As consumers we are all getting more and more conscious about what we eat and what we feed our children. We want full transparency and authentic food, but without compromising our modern lifestyle where food needs to stay fresh and tasty for longer.

Michael Fooken Jensen, Global Marketing Manager
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Camilla Lercke, Head of Media Relations
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