Probiotics to support digestive health

A unique, three-arm study suggests that supplementation with selected probiotic strains may benefit gastrointestinal health

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The benefits of probiotics on adult GI health

Few health challenges are as intensely and suddenly discomforting as those associated with gastrointestinal health; including abdominal discomfort distention, bloating and gas. These challenges may reduce one’s quality of life. An otherwise healthy person may experience abdominal discomfort paired with occasional bowel irregularities.

A gold standard scientific study by Chr. Hansen

A recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study investigated the impact of the probiotic strains L. acidophilus DDS-1® and Bifidobacterium, UABla-12 individually against placebo over six weeks. The study was comprised of over 300 participants and conducted through multiple research centers. Dr. Gregory Leyer, head of scientific affairs, Chr. Hansen Human Health and Dr. Christopher Martoni, principal scientist, Chr. Hansen Human Health designed the gold standard, three-arm trial. 


To meet the primary inclusion criteria, all study participants exhibited abdominal discomfort paired with occasional bowel irregularities per Rome IV diagnostic criteria. Each subject was randomly assigned to one of three groups: placebo, Lactobacillus acidophilus, DDS-1® (10 billion CFU/day) or Bifidobacterium, UABla-12 (10 billion CFU/day) at the onset of the six-week study.

Both probiotic strains, DDS-1® and UABla-12, individually achieved the primary objective showing significant reduction in digestive related abdominal discomfort vs placebo after six weeks of intervention. 

The study also yielded powerful secondary outcomes that reinforce the primary outcome including abdominal discomfort, abdominal distension/bloating, bowel habits and quality of life – both probiotic groups showed significant improvements versus placebo.  


The benefits of probiotic strains L. acidophilus, DDS-1® and Bifidobacterium, UABla-12™ for supporting GI health1

Scientific studies suggest that DDS-1® and UABla-12™ probiotic strains may:

  • Help reduce abdominal discomfort and distention
  • Support bowel movement comfort
  • Help improve quality of life as impacted by digestive health
  • Help alleviate occasional loose stool and irregularity.

1 Martoni et al. Nutrients 2020.


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