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Access to affordable and healthy food

Globally, one in nine people (corresponding to 815 million) are undernourished. An additional 2 billion people are expected to be undernourished by 2050. Poor nutrition causes nearly half  the deaths in children under the age of five – that is 3.1 million children each year according to UN Sustainable Development Goals No. 2 End hunger.

Supporting small family run dairies 

According to The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), milk products provide essential nutrients and are an important source of dietary energy, high-quality proteins and fats.  Such milk products can add diversity to plant-based diets and play an important role in the diets of children in populations with very low-fat intakes and limited access to other animal source foods. Read more on FAO.

By supporting Civil Society Organizations, such as Dairies without Borders, Chr. Hansen aims to strengthen access to nutrition in developing countries by helping to develop small family run businesses.

Building a market for camel milk

Two thirds of the world’s camels live in arid regions in Northern Africa. Yet, camel dairy farming is still relatively new in the region. An estimated 25–50% of the annual camel milk production in Kenya and Ethiopia is wasted because of lack of infrastructure and lack of the proper processing techniques to preserve the milk. 

That is unfortunate as “Camel milk can be three times richer in vitamin C than cow’s milk and it represents a vital source of this vitamin for people living in arid and semi-arid areas, who often cannot obtain vitamin C from fruits and vegetables.” FAO

To help camel owners, Chr. Hansen has joined forces with a local enterprise to help advance local knowledge about camel cheese production.