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Beverage trends 2017

Clean Supreme” is once again the top F&B trend for 2017,  according to Innova Marketing, with clear implications about the value of coloring foods, shorter ingredients lists, and clean label processing technologies.*

In beverages, strong volume growth opportunities are trending for bottled water. Consumers seek natural, low calorie, low sugar products to replace indulgent beverages in their diets.  In addition to clean label formulations, we recommend you look at how you can create added-value water products via packaging, premium sourcing and added fortified/functional benefits.**

*Top Ten Trends for 2017 by Innova Market Insights
**Euromonitor International, Soft Drinks in 2017 – new insights and system refresher Jan 2017.

Cash in on the growing market for flavored and functional bottled waters.

Flavored and functional water is driving beverage growth*. Take a look at FRUITMAX® Cranberry WS (Red), WS FRUITMAX® Starfruit WS (Yellow) or FRUITMAX® Dark Brown WS for stable, affordable, safe and bright colors. All of them will support your clean label or non-additive claims.

*Euromonitor Passport

Reformulating your carbonated soft drink or juice brand?

With FRUITMAX® you can cover all the dominant shades – consider FRUITMAX® Cedra 502 WS (Yellow), FRUITMAX® Cranberry Bright  510 WS (Red) and FRUITMAX® Tangerine  501 WS (Orange) to satisfy your consumer’s thirst for natural, clean ingredients.

As clean as can be

Did you know FRUITMAX® are coloring food ingredients which are made with such gentle processing that you could make them in your own kitchen? They support your plans to meet consumers’ top three desired food attributes.

2016 Overall Rank Desired Food Attributes 2016 %
1 All natural 47
2 No artificial ingredients 45
3 Non-GMO 45

Source: Global Consumer Trends Survey 2016