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Research proven, Swine

We believe in the value of research, and that’s why the majority of our product innovations stem from our strong platforms in bioscience technologies and in-depth understanding of the needs in the markets in which we participate. Through that knowledge, we enable producers and farmers to boost their efficiency and profitability, while meeting all regulatory requirements for safety, stability and reliability. 

Probiotic bacteria are not new to the world.  The new part is the research tools and techniques that allow us to determine which strains of bacteria are best for a particular purpose. Our laboratory toolset is second-to-none in our industry and we constantly seek new tools to add to improve the speed and clarity by which we can identify promising candidates.  Identification of strains and in vitro testing of efficacy are only the first steps.  These must be followed by well-controlled, substantial research efforts to prove efficacy in the target animal (in vivo) before a new product in introduced to the market.  This is what we mean when we say “research-proven”.

Research based on our customers’ needs

We regularly meet with customers and key-experts to understand the needs and challenges in the field, and thereby create the most relevant trials for the customers. In this way, we develop products to meet customers’ needs, and continuously improve our solutions to create the next generation of products.

We consistently challenge our way of thinking to run the most relevant trials for the customers, and ensure that real life conditions including feed, climate and management processes are replicated in our trials. In collaboration with customers, we have performed more than 1500 animal trials.

From product to solution

Within Animal Health, we have more than 50 on-going research projects that are conducted in cooperation with Universities. These collaborative efforts give us the opportunity to run trials under even more challenging conditions and to apply analyses relevant for the understanding of the various modes of action of our products. 

By running animal trials under controlled conditions, we can accurately assess the impact of our products on key performance metrics across the animal markets that we serve.  Our main targets are those variables that drive the best economy – and therefore the best solution – for our customers.

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