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Business integrity

At the core of our business is our commitment to excellence and integrity in how we conduct our affairs. We are committed to maintaining high standards of ethics, and we do not tolerate any form of violation of competition, anti-trust, and anti-corruption laws.

We have a zero tolerance policy on corruption and violation of anti-trust laws. Working ethically and being known as a company with a high level of integrity is proving time and again to be a competitive parameter that is highly valued by our global customers.

Winnie Bügel

Corporate Vice President, Compliance and Legal Counsel

Raising concerns via Chr. Hansen’s Whistleblower Hotline

Chr. Hansen’s Whistleblower Hotline enables all employees, including temporary, permanent, and contract employees, as well as customers, suppliers, business partners, and other stakeholders to report any illegal or unethical misconduct or serious or sensitive concerns. 

Fighting corruption with our e-learning program 

An important tool in fighting corruption and anti-competitive behavior is our anti-corruption training program. The e-learning program teaches employees at manager level as well all employees having contact with authorities, public officials, customers, and suppliers about competition law and the borderlines between ethical and unethical behavior.  

Read more about our position on anti-corruption.

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