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Chr. Hansen Holding A/S has a management structure consisting of a Board of Directors and an Executive Board. We are committed to the general principles of good corporate governance.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management of the Company. In accordance with current practice in Denmark, responsibilities are distributed between the Board of Directors and the Executive Board, and the two bodies are independent. The Executive Board is in charge of day-to-day management, while the Board of Directors supervises the work of the Executive Board and is responsible for general strategic management. The Board of Directors has ten members, of whom six are elected by shareholders and four by employees.

Currently, all board members elected by shareholders, including the Chair, are independent as defined in the Danish Recommendations on Corporate Governance.



The Board of Directors has established four committees: an Audit Committee, a Remuneration Committee, a Nomination Committee and a Science & Innovation Committee. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the committees have individual charters defining their main tasks and responsibilities. 


Executive Board

The Board of Directors appoints an Executive Board responsible for day-to-day management and compliance with the guidelines and recommendations issued by the Board of Directors. The Executive Board is also to present and recommend proposals on the Company’s overall strategy and objectives to the Board of Directors. The Executive Board currently has two members and is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer.


Corporate governance

Corporate Governance refers to the way a company is managed and the major principles and frameworks which regulate the interaction between the company's managerial bodies, its owners and other stakeholders. Effective and transparent corporate governance guarantees that Chr. Hansen is managed and monitored in a responsible manner, which fosters confidence from all stakeholders. It is a dynamic process in which the management bodies regularly assess the need for changes.