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Lactose free

A solution to meet the needs of over 70% of the world’s population!

Most people - in fact, up to 70% of the global population - are unable to tolerate lactose, a type of sugar which is naturally present in milk. Infants are born with the ability to produce lactase, but as we get older, the production of lactase reduces or ceases.  If lactase is not present in the body, the consumption of dairy products results in symptoms such as bloating, cramps, diarrhea and flatulence.

More and more consumers are turning to dairy as an important source of protein and nutrients, and consume dairy products at several different times of the day. As the daily consumption of dairy products increase, providing lactose-free alternatives is key to ensuring that consumers take advantage of the positive benefits of dairy, while minimizing the potential discomforts of lactose. HA-LACTASE™ is the ideal solution for developing tasty and healthy lactose-free products.

Lactose-free is a category that is growing significantly, with numerous new product launches all over the world, in all dairy applications. The main focus is on milk and yogurt, but it is expanding rapidly to other dairy products such as cream cheese, sour cream and milk powder. Lactose-free consumers are loyal and willing to pay a premium price - in some cases, more than twice the price for a regular product.

So it makes sense to develop and launch lactose-free products, and with Chr. Hansen’s top quality productions and application support, it’s hassle-free.